Eric brings more than fifteen years of racing experience. He began as a driver in Formula cars. In 1996 while racing Formula 2000 he began working on his own shocks opening his eyes to the benefits of a shock program.  His next move was in 1998 as a chief mechanic in Indy Lights. He gained further knowledge related to a shock program, elevating him to a position as the team shock technician. Eric brought his years of driving and motorcycling riding, along with his specific shock understanding, to Æolus Technology in 2000 ready to showcase his well-rounded talents to produce positive results.

Driving Instructor
Chief Mechanic
Shock Technician
 Motorsport Success
Formula 2000
Formula Ford 1600
Jim Russell Driving School
Sports Cars
Indy Lights
Indy Racing League
125 Shifter Karts
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